Friday, April 9, 2010

Skirting the Bedpost

There are those times when the most beautiful of beds poses a problem for the duster. You can see from the photo that the posts and rail on this bed do not allow for the standard bed skirt to drop. This is easily solved by making three separate panels of the skirt with no decking and either tacking it directly to the inside of the rail or using 1 inch velcro. Heavy duty, sticky velcro will adhere to the wood or you can use regular velcro, then staple or tack it with upholstery tacks. Velcro must be sewn to the fabric

Friday, April 2, 2010

Lush down seating without the "bum" impression

The plush look of down in a chair is so inviting. It"s like sitting on puff of goose down. The only problem is, once you sit in it you have to launch yourself out and then when you look behind you there's a crater in the seat that does resemble quite well a feature you wish would be a tad smaller. The way to accomplish a soft seat that will be a supportive cushion is to make a custom down T wrap with a zipper opening, and then insert some HR foam. The result....fluffy but firm. This room was designed by Jacque Walters of Patterson Forrest Interior Designs.