Sunday, February 21, 2010

Outdoor Pillows

With the hint of spring just around the corner we can start thinking about dusting off the patio furniture and freshening up the cushions and pillows. The selection of outdoor fabrics has come a long way since the blue marine canvas we originally associated with weather durability. Almost every fabric house has a line of fabrics and now even outdoor trims. The technology in the the development of many of these fabrics has becomes so advanced that they can even be used indoors. They have a softness to them never seen in the past.

Gone also is the bumpy, lumpy polyester fill that barely fills out the pillow cover. Clusterfil, a "man made down" has small airy balls of polyester that give a lightness to the fill. When combined with outdoor ticking, you have a durable, weather resistant, luxurious pillow.

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