Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mattresses Go Sky High

I was reading the article in the Wall Street Journal on the new mattresses that are getting bigger and bigger. Just several years ago the box springs were deeper that the mattress resulting in the duster having a longer drop than the bedding. Now the reverse is happening. A 19" mattress top will result in a 22" - 24"drop for a coverlet or duvet. In these cases, which are the norm these days, Decorative Textiles always ensures the client has the bed they are going to be finally using before the quote. Clients often change their mind after approving the fabrics. A bed such as this from the E.S.Kluft Company requires several considerations. The first, it requires two people to make the bed. Second there are new considerations in the way the duvet or coverlet drops that differ from the older mattresses. If the interior designer does not use our measuring service, I request a photo of the end corner angle of the bed to ensure exact fabrication.

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