Saturday, June 12, 2010

Quilted Bedding and Pillows


Not all workrooms have the ability to machine quilt in custom designs or in small squares. Decorative Textiles
uses several different quilters that can produce a quilted design that enhances the bedding. Dense quilting around a pattern, for example the orange flowers in the pillow above, will make the flower "pop". Custom quilting helps to avoid eye sores such as vertical lines quilted on a stripe fabric....without matching each and every line.


  1. I love that Lee Jofa fabric. Photos don't do it justice do they? Your work is lovely. Thanks for following DivineDistractions. I'm looking forward to following you too. Even though we are not close by, hopefully, we can be inspiring to one another.

  2. Yes, Sally. The photos never do the fabric textures justice. I have the same problem portraying the details in the textile art. We just have to touch them don't we?